Daniel Wong
Advance Brainstorming & Mind Mapping for Management Decision Making
A 2-Days Programme

We use our decision making skills to solve problems by selecting one course of action from several possible alternatives. Decision making skills are also a key component of management skills. Here, we will be presenting some powerful ideas how we can use Mind Mapping for Brainstorming, creativity in generation of ideas, decision making, simplifying complex tasks and assisting in Problem Solving.

Decision making for managers or team leaders can be hard. Almost any decision involves some conflicts or dissatisfaction. The difficult part is to pick one solution where the positive outcome can outweigh possible losses.  In this course, we use Advance Brainstorming and Mind Mapping techniques to break- down the process of effective decision making from both a business and personal perspective. The Mind Map discusses the barriers to effective decision making, examines the formula that all great Decision Makers utilize, and delves into the 6 step process that will enable you to make good decisions far more quickly and easily. In addition, the Mind Map presents the Do’s and Don’ts of decision making that we must all keep in mind.

You will discover all this and more within the Brainstorming & Mind Mapping for Management Decision Making course.


The objective of this programme:

  • Recognize the difference between left and right-brain thinking
  • Creativity and Idea Generation approaches
  • Describe techniques and tools that will enhance creativity for leaders
  • Use proven techniques of mind mapping and whole brain thinking to facilitate
    brainstorming and effective idea generation
  • Brainstorming for Creative Problem Solving Method
  • Understanding Your Preferred Thinking Approach 
  • Overcoming Obstacles in Problem Solving via Reversal Techniques
  • Communicate abstract concepts and selling ideas effectively
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