Business English
A Two (2) Days Programme

Programme Outline
  • Introduction Protocol & Meeting People in Business
  • The importance of Politeness in Business – Structures and Expressions of Politeness
  • Asking Questions (Embedded Question Structure)
  • The Present perfect Tense (in the context of the job interview)
  • The Basics of Customer Services
  • Technique to Calm an Angry Customer
  • Getting back on the good sides of an injured customer
  • Powerful presentation skills
  • How to say negative things in a positive way
  • Editing for agreement in business writing
  • Professional telephone etiquette
  • Taking and leaving messages
  • Parallelism in business writing
  • Part of a business letter
  • Guidelines for business letter & emails
  • Various idioms/Expressions/ Vocabulary Related to Business
  • General Punctuation Review (Commas, Capital Letters, and other punctuation, as needed)