Daniel Wong
Creative Thinking and Innovation In Challenging Times
A 2-Days Programme

Introduction to creative thinking and innovation for managers and employees who want to learn basic concepts of creative and innovative thinking skills in management and solving problems at the workplace. Includes background information, analyzing your creativity, generating creative ideas and fostering creativity in the workplace.

It is well known amongst sociologist and psychologist that when we are relaxed and unchallenged, our mind moves into the reactive states; or maybe even into the degenerative states.  But when we are stressed, the tide turns and we somehow begin to muster some of our creative and innovative thinking abilities within us. 

And indeed in these challenging times of economic slowdown, our employees or colleagues are feeling and facing much more stressed especially in delivering diverse solutions to our customers.  So, why not decide now to choose to learn and develop new ways to improve our creative thinking abilities instead of waiting or relying on the flickers of inspiration, to deliver those innovative solutions which our customers now demand?


The objective of this programme:

  • Recognize the difference between left and right-brain thinking.
  • Describe techniques that will enhance creativity.
  • Determine personal and organizational factors that block creativity.
  • Create a climate of creativity.
  • Develop creativity in different management functions.
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