Effective Hiring & Interviewing Skills
A 2-Days Training Programme

Got a key position to fill? With increasing demands to juggle multiple responsibilities, it is no wonder that today’s managers in organisations of all sizes find little time to devote to the hiring process. Hiring good employees is the foundation of any successful business but selecting the right ones is hard work, and the interview process is often the most important step in the process. Even if the manager is hiring only one employee per year, it is imperative that he / she understands all of the ramifications of interviewing that one employee.

If your organisation believes that having excellent employees is critical to producing excellent results, then you must pay close attention to the quality of your interviewing process. The people you hire today have a direct impact on the profitability of your company, both in the near term, and often for years to come. A good interview technique can help you match the best people with the right jobs and build a bright future for everyone involved. Hiring managers are not born; they must constantly do their homework in preparing to interview and hire top talent. To be an effective hiring manager, one must know what questions to ask as well as which questions are most appropriate for any given opening or particular candidate. There is no faster way to drive your business forward and increase overall productivity than by having the right people on board. With this training, you will figure out if the candidate sitting across from you is likely to become your next Employee of the Month.

At the end of this Two (2) days programme, participants will be able to:

Describe the Candidate’s implicit skills based on the HAIR and LEMON model.
List the 7 critical stages of an Effective Interviewing Process.
State the 7 Professional Roles of a recruitment personnel.
Plan and structure the interview session to obtain the 7 key information
Demonstrate the basic clarification skills
Demonstrate at least 3 appropriate methods for effective Verification S.
Demonstrate the skills in handling 3 types of difficult candidates, namely the Talkative, Arrogant and Manipulative candidates.
Ability to develop various types questioning skills.
How to avoid poor questions.
Improve and ability to hone listening skills.