Effective, Impactful and Memorable Presentation Skills
A Two (2) Days Programme

Programme Outline
  1. Divided into four areas:
    • Construct and Design a Presentation: This module is aimed at introducing the concept and purpose of a presentation. Participants will learn how to distil and compile an effective presentation, based on the audience’s requirements. Understanding and identifying key components that affect the quality of the presentation content is also covered
    • Presenter’s Image and Style: The objective of this module is to demonstrate critical factors that affect a presenter’s image and style. These include dress code, voice projection, image and body language; key factors that impact a presenter’s image and style. Audience behaviour is also examined and techniques to address various types of behaviour are also covered
    • Presentation Techniques: Various techniques are available to deliver effective presentations. The one that is adopted depends on the objective, environment and expectations of the target audience. This module focuses on critical aspect and suggests various techniques aimed at maximizing the impact of the presentations
    • Visual Aids: The objectives of visual aids are at times not well understood by presenters. More often than not, visual aids become visual takeovers, shifting the focus from the presenter to the aid, thereby negatively impacting the presentation. This module presents techniques on how a presenter should use visual aids effectively, ensuring that the audience focuses on the presenter and not solely on the visual aid. A number of different strategies focusing on the various of aids and suitability of use are also discussed

  2. Analysis
    • Audience analysis
    • Objectives analysis
    • Channel analysis
    • Content analysis

  3. Organization of your content
    • Structuring your content
    • Sequencing your content
    • Right Visual aids

  4. Managing the environment
    • Trouble shooting
    • Before you begin
    • During presentation
    • After presentation
    • Technical presentation challenges
    • Handling difficult situations / questions

  5. Skills Practice
    • Participants need to present on 2 topics that are relevant in their job
    • Review, assessment and evaluation
    • Case Study – Steve jobs- Presentation styles and how to capitalize from it
    • Case study – How the brain works – John Medina