Effective Supervisory Skills & Personal Development Workshop Outline
A Two (2) Days Programme
Programme Outline
  1. The Role of the Supervisor
    • In this session, discover the distinguishing features of a supervisor and what the qualities of an effective supervisor are. Participants will also have an insight on how integrated supervision should be in every aspect of an organization to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

  2. Supervisor in a Manufacturing Vs Service Industry
    • In this session, participants will explore the challenges faced by supervisors in a manufacturing vs services industry and the importance of line of communication in both of these industries for a supervisor.

  3. Tools of Supervision
    • In this session participants will identify the importance of identifying tools of supervision and how supervisors should use these tools in their day to day work with their subordinates

  4. Delegating Effectively: Tapping on Your Best Resources
    • In this session, discover the importance of delegating to ensure your resources are the best utilized productivity. It is the core duty of the supervisor to ensure proper delegation takes place to ensure overhead costs at the minimal for the company

  5. Non-Verbal Communication
    • Understanding the Mehrabian Study
    • All about Body Language
    • Interpreting Gestures

  6. Result Driven: It is my team, it is my duty
    • Assessing the need to change the mindset of people in accepting the importance to take ownership of his unit and to comprehend, that ultimately, the bottomline of his unit’s performance determines the perks that will come along. Participants will be asked to draw out action plan on how to execute them in his respective unit.

  7. Quality Assurance - Optimizing quality at workplace
    • Participants will analyse the importance of Total Quality Management as well as how the supervisor plays a key role in ensuring quality improvement. In this session, participants will also learn quality technique and quality circles activities.

  8. Improvising Human Relations – Supervisor’s Role
    • Discover how supervisor play an important role in understanding subordinates emotional problems. Participants will also assess the fundamental problems in human relationships

  9. An overview of Motivating Skills & Teamwork: The role of the Supervisor
    • Assessing back the importance of motivating your staff and keeping their morale at the highest always. Participants will also be thought the different models of teamwork and how this key unlocks the problems faced by most organizations of today.