GST Impact on Employees’ Benefits In Malaysia
A One (1) Day Programme

About The Programme
You are in Human Resources and you thought GST has no impact on you. You are wrong! This programme is for HR Practitioners and those involved in Human Resource and Personnel Management who are not tax professionals to grasp the concept of GST on Employees’ Benefits.

Effective April 1, 2015, GST is chargeable on all taxable goods and services and on all GST-registered companies in Malaysia unless exempted. GST is a consumption tax which impacts all levels of business from production to distribution including benefits provided to employees. Thus, as decision makers and HR practitioners, it is important to learn how GST works in order to ensure better planning and preparation for GST on Employees’ Benefits.

The program should achieve the following objectives:

Understand the Concepts and Mechanics of GST
Learn that GST is not just a tax matter, GST is a business issue
Understand how GST impacts Employees’ Benefits