High Impact Supervisory Skills
A 2-Days Programme
At the end of this workshop, participants will be motivated to lead and supervise their staffs effectively. This course will ensure participants are able to measure the results of effective leadership and supervision. The course will also expose participants to the various strategies involved in leading and supervising their staffs. The focus of the training will emphasize on productivity improvement that will lead to enhancement in cost, quality, speed, dependability and flexibility.


The objective of this programme:

  • Use a relationship based management process that supports achieving improved business results
  • Understand how their attitude affects the personal productivity of employees
  • Recognise how the behaviours of effective supervisors help with the achievement of effective business results.
  • Understand what actions they need to take with their employees
  • Examine and align their expectations, the company’s and the employee’s
  • Understand the importance of demonstrating a caring attitude towards employees
  • Gain employee trust through the use of respect and recognition
  • To improve their supervisory skills in handling the challenges of productivity
  • To excel in ways of building teams among operators in order
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