How to Build The Leadership – Powered Company
A 2-Days Programme

This is an era in which the demand for leadership greatly exceeds the supply. The aggressive attempts to recruit outsiders suggest that most organizations’ leadership pipeline is inadequate. Internal training, mentoring, and other developmental programs aren’t keeping the pipeline full, making it necessary to look outside. Everyone seems to be fighting over a relatively small group of stars who tend to move from organization to organization. All successful leaders must make six specific transitions to ensure that they take their place with world-class leaders. This nuanced viewpoint sets leadership development within a timeline of ‘passages.’ The programme encourages the participants to make these turns themselves, and to use them as a structure for developing the next generation of leadership.


The objective of this programme:

  • Become a leader who managers himself and others well
  • Understand The Leadership Pipeline Model
  • Practice the concepts learned in the day to day work
  • Prepare a smooth succession plan
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