People Skills For Managers
A 2-Days Programme

Managing people effectively to achieve highly motivated and productive staff is a great skill. However, it is widely recognised that managing can be very challenging in the modern business environment. Many managers acquire their skills through years of learning on the job. This can be a costly and tiring exercise and can rarely be afforded in today’s competitive environment. This people skills training programme will provide managers with the relevant skills to motivate staff and the best out of their people. This two day intensive programme is designed to help managers who need to get the best out of their people. Being a manager is not about an individual or “I” or “Me” or “Myself” but it’s about a collective team and every member is responsible for the success and failure of the team. The most critical tool a team manager needs is the people skills to enhance a positive vibration within his team.


The objective of this programme:

  • Understand that managers must have various skills in handling daily work
  • Learn the need to handle various generations of employees at the workplace.
  • Understand that change takes place every time.
  • Realize that people skills are extremely important in the workplace.
  • Understand that no two days are the same in managing employees.
  • Learn that every challenge must be approached in a different angle
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