Perfecting Managerial Skills
A 2-Days Programme

Most managers are literally thrown in the deep end, but managing people require a completely different skill set than managing tasks. The transition from being an individual contributor to someone responsible for the work of others and team performance results in a steep learning curve. Learn how to motivate, delegate, communicate and lead. Play to your strengths and improve on key weakness areas. With an emphasis on building high achieving teams, dealing with an increased workload and developing the influence, assertiveness and confidence necessary to be an effective manager, the programme will ensure you hit the ground running.


The objective of this programme:

  • Use a relationship based management process that supports achieving improved business results
  • Focus their efforts on issues they can control or influence and away from issues where they have no control
  • Understand how their attitude affects the personal productivity of employees
  • Improve employee productivity through the application of the effective Managerial Leadership Model
  • Recognise how the behaviours of effective managers help with the achievement of effective business results.
  • Understand what actions they need to take with their employees
  • Practice sharing power, resulting in power becoming a multiplier within the company
  • Examine and align their expectations, the company’s and the employee’s
  • Understand the importance of demonstrating a caring attitude towards employees
  • Gain employee trust through the use of respect and recognition
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