Dr, William Teh Chin Weng
Performance Management for Measuring ROI
A 2-Days Training Programme
Training and performance improvement returns a great deal to your company for the time and money you invest in them. Quality training decreases mistakes and errors while increasing productivity. Your return on investment in training makes your company’s future possible.

Training and development for an attire workforce can be a sizable investment; the return on investment benefits employers tremendously. Increased productivity and performance improvement are two ways effective training manifest itself in the workplace. Measuring training effectiveness is a task that must be contemplated before training begins using post training metrics cannot provide accurate results.

Training is an essential elements to business success, but what’s even more crucial is the ability to measure the training’s effectiveness. After your employees or management team have participated in a training session or event, it is important to evaluate how effective the training was. This is accomplish by using different tools in Performance Management that tracks results.

Performance Management For Measuring ROI focuses on the following areas:
  • Develop individuals job type in areas of focus and key performance after training course
  • Monitor systems and its relation to organizational direction
  • Implementation performance measurements
  • Develop action plans to help in the implementation of the various area of focus

Upon completion of this programme, the participants will be able to:
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Alignment to organizational, departmental and individuals goals and objectives
  • Inculcating and instilling job ownership
  • Tracking and monitoring organizational, departmental and individuals key performance areas
  • Timely interventions to insure success of key action plan
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