Sales Negotiation
A 2 – Day Programme
Until today, we still find many sales person closing sales through their good relationships with the client or they managed to sell due to the product having an establish brand name in the market place. It is only when they are confronted with customers who play hardball, they are at a lost in securing the sales. Consequently, the sales person just caved in to the buyer’s demand, and with it goes the bottom line. Many purchasing personnel are well trained in purchasing negotiations and they know what they want from the sales person. On the other hand, sales person are ill-prepared especially when it comes to as gruelling session and thus ended up shredded to pieces by the purchasing personnel of the client company. So, there is distinction here between “selling” and ‘negotiating”

The objectives of this programme:-
  • To understand the do’s and don’ts in sales negotiations
  • The ability to apply the various techniques taught
  • Understand the importance of preparations and follow-throughs
  • To understand the various negotiating styles