Strategic Marketing Planning
A 3-Day Programme

The purpose of this programme is to enable participants to improve their skills, knowledge and the direct application of strategic planning in sales.

Strategic Sales Planning is specially designed to provide a working knowledge on the principles of strategic planning and how to set directions for effective results in sales planning both from the viewpoint of top-down or bottom-up approach.

The programme also aims to be a thorough practical working session which will provide participants with a concise guide to the fundamental strategies in sales planning.

The programme will bring to a realisation that in strategic planning, selling risks are minimised and success rates are maximised.

Participants will know how to apply their knowledge of sales to do much better than their competitors in the business world.  They will gain from the extensive experience of the Course Leader in planning and directing their selling activity, whether their operations is a sole-proprietorship, or a member of a small medium sized industry (SMI) or a multi-national company (MNC).

The objective of this programme:

  • Realise a sense of purpose in pursuing their selling goals/objectives
  • Understand the importance of planning and reporting
  • Feel a sense of confidence in implementing their plans
  • Adopt an espirit d’corps amongst sales team members and management