Stress Management: How to Manage Workplace Stress Effectively?
A Two (2) Days Programme

About The Programme
Stress has been called ‘the invisible disease’. It is a disease that may affect you or anyone in your organisation. Therefore, you cannot ignore it. It is a general term for the pressure and problems people experience as they go through life.

Extreme stress may be bad, however some degree of stress is normal and necessary for day to day survival. Even when people are relaxed there is a minimal amount of stress present. Without stress, energy and motivation would be absent. Stress is unavoidable in our lives.

This programme on Stress Management is to provide participants with some useful learning on how to reduce the stress and manage conflict that one likely to encounter as one moves forward in one’s career to reach one’s professional goals. In fact all of us should be able to achieve our career goals without damaging our health.

Useful tips will be given, without advice on how to spot warning signals, how to relax, and how to reduce unhealthy stress.

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

Know what are the causes and sources of stress
Know the effect when place under tremendous physical or psychological stress
Analyse one’s job and how to spot warning signals
Take actions to reduce stress to a healthy level
Make time to relax – Some exercise that can be done at the workplace to relieve stress
Help other people in stress situation