Stress Management: How to Manage Workplace Stress Effectively?
A Two (2) Days Programme

Programme Outline
  1. Understanding Stress
    • What is stress?
    • The circumstances you got through while at work
    • Do you know the effect of stress?
    • On the society, company, body and family
    • Recognise the symptoms
    • Physical signs, emotional signs

  2. How to measure whether we suffer from stress?
    • Individual stress
    • Organizational stress
    • Different level of stress
    • A self test

  3. Analysing the causes of stress
    • Changing societies
    • Population, roles, urbanisation
    • Change in the company
    • Pressure at work, operation, work cultures, and long hours of work
    • Change in practice
    • New technology, new location

  4. Looking at Jobs and their stress level
    • Looking at different jobs and the stress that are likely to be in the job

  5. Assessing conflict relationships
    • Dealing with Superiors
    • Dealing with Colleagues
    • Dealing with Subordinates

  6. Stress Cycles
    • Yearly Cycles, Monthly cycles, weekly cycles and daily cycles
    • Manage your time
    • Make time to relax-at work , exercise you can do at work
    • Helping others to cope

  7. Assessing the Workplace conflict
    • Looking at the Work Conditions
    • Making changes
    • The company’s attitude
    • The culture
    • The commitment
    • Changing attitudes

  8. Taking Positive Action
    • Start gradually
    • Committing to change
    • Improve surroundings
    • Enhance your work place
    • Work patterns and stressful times