“Train and develop your employees, and your organisation will reap benefits by becoming more resilient during these uncertain economic conditions and challenging times!”
As our world evolves with changing times and circumstances, economic conditions will constantly be uncertain, thus organisations will always be going through a restructuring, re-engineering and a myriad of other changes. It is during these times of uncertainties that becomes the opportune moment for organisations to reposition themselves through wise management of training and development in order to survive and grow.

Training and development do not only apply to large and multinational organisations. A vast array of training opportunities are also available to Small and Medium-Size Industries (SMIs) and with the SMIs in Malaysia emerging by leaps and bounds through their entrepreneurial spirits that brought them to where they are today, it is even more vital for SMIs now to develop the skills of their workforce.

Organisations have both a moral obligation and an economic responsibility to develop its people. Within every employee there lies the most flexible and diverse resource available to the organisation. It is simple to train your employees to complete specific tasks but today’s organisations need to maximise this ability to solve problems.

The shape, structure and form of training and development are always evolving and will continue to change in line with the proactive and dynamic transformations taking place in the Malaysian economy today.