Mohammed Salim Ashedoff
Trainer & Consultant

Mohammed Salim Ashedoff has years of strong experience in the services and retails industry. His experience in the field of marketing, training, management and strategy is profound and rooted in deep hands on experience and always inspiring and elevates the mind.

He is a human performance technologist, where his favorite motto is "WHAT IS THE COST OF NOT TRAINING?". His expertise lies in NO NONSENSE training need analysis process and CRI based Instructional Design. Besides English and Malay Language, he speaks French, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Indonesian language too.

He is a certified Master Trainer, Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis and Consultant with extensive experience in corporate and public training. He propagates result based training and coaching. His methodology of training is unique and tailor made to the needs and wants of the market. He is a member of Just World, certified PSMB training specialist and vocational Training specialist, also an enchanting and mesmerizing trainer. He has acute understanding of the powerful force called culture and how to work across various cultures.

His thinking is shaped by the works of Drucker, Kotler, Mintzberg, Mager, Robbins, Porter, Sun Tzu, Adair, Ohme, Imai, Demings Juran, Maxwell, Bloom, Ekman, Maslow and Collins.

Salim has worked for KFC, Melium Group, Berjaya Group, IFSS Hong Kong, and MJR Japan in the senior management position. His motto in life is massive decisions equals to massive results and failures are the stepping stone success and how resourceful we are will determine the outcome which we want in anything we do.

Salim’s Experience in the Industry
Some of the human capital that he has trained are from 1MDB, Accenture, Am Bank, Bina Puri Holdings, Bobst Malaysia, Court Asia, Courts Mammoth, EPF, EPIC, GBH, Hong Leong Bank, International Medical University (IMU), Johor Port, Lembaga Air Kawasan Utara Sarawak (LAKU), MAA Takaful, Mercedez Benz, Mydin Holdings, Pasdec Corporation, Public Bank, Sunway Medical Centre, Novo Nordisk, Pasukhas, Petra Energy, Sabah Electricity (SESB), Sabah Land, Sony EMCS, Syarikat Takaful Malaysia, Talent Corp, Teik Senn Malaysia, Technip and Tenaga Nasional Bhd.

Salim was also involved in a business consultancy project in Middle East. He analyzed the operations, marketing, training, supply chain, supplier selection, product design, positioning strategy and to implement the project in Malaysia and South East Asia. He has trained many people from various walks of life, age and profession. His training formula is P=M X KSAE X E.

He was also featured on BFM 89.9 in July 2013 – Raise Your Game on the subject of Delegation and Empowerment.