“Our trainers and facilitators are people who are able to combine their depth of knowledge with a talent for teaching.
This ability is definitely a rarity!”
All our trainers and facilitators have substantial experience in their particular areas of expertise, gained from working in various capacities in different organisations. This practical background enhances the learning experience of our participants and is one of the many aspects that distinguish the quality of our training programmes.

Apart from very specialised situations, our trainers and facilitators utilise the various learning methodologies other than lecture-based classroom training. They use a variety of techniques, from lecturer-centred to student-centred group facilitation techniques, and from objective-based models to process-based models. Training programmes are highly interactive, practical and market-focused. Using case study approaches, our trainers and facilitators will coach, challenge and inform the participants to ensure they become skilled in the application of the analysis and not just ‘understand’ the principles. Different methods are used to suit the training needs of the participants in different training programmes.

“It is because our trainers and facilitators are ‘skilled and passionate in the art of learning’ that they are part of the PM Resources Training and Human Development team.”