Effective Supervisory Skills & Personal Development Workshop Outline
A Two (2) Days Programme

About The Programme
Are supervisory skills all that important? Effective supervisory skill is essential for the delivery of high quality service. Supervisory failures are the leading causes of conflicts and low productivity at workplace. Although so much focus has been put on changing cultures and the impact on organization, it is no doubt, that proper leadership has always been the key to both the success and the failures of the company.

The basic rules of supervisory skills Many factors contribute to failures. First and foremost, bosses, middle management and staff at large are trained to communicate differently.

Hierarchy frequently inhibits people from speaking up. People do not voice due to the fear of being told off by people in higher hierarchy.

Effective supervision allows individuals to equip himself/herself to present their thoughts to a wide range of groups. It is important because the knowledge that will be imparted to your subordinates has to be comprehended by them. Effective supervision saves time, money and manpower.

Bosses want conciseness rather than elaborated discussion. However, when filtered down to staff, it has to explain comprehensively to avoid ambiguity.

This training will discuss issues pertaining to effective supervisory skills. Participants will be given case studies to discuss and there will be role plays and simulation exercises throughout the training.

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

The role of supervisor
Understand the problem-solving process, techniques and approaches used by supervisors
Current leadership techniques required by supervisors to lead their team
The importance of maintaining highest standard of quality in the team
Recognise the need to be in line with the vision and expectations of the organisation
The importance of inculcating teamwork for all the members in department